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If you decorate it, they will come.
Let the parade come to you!

Hyack Festival has always been a celebration of people, events, and traditions; bridging communities in the Royal City and beyond. This summer we are asking members of the community to celebrate with us by decorating their front porches. Choose one of our themes as inspiration, or go wild with your own ideas. The purpose of decorating is to unleash your creativity and bring a smile to your friends and neighbours.

What is the Porch Parade?

Get creative this summer and turn your front porch in to a parade display! Tell your neighbors and you can all join in the fun and enjoy some friendly competition from your front yard.

The Hyack Festival will produce a virtual map with the locations of all our registered Porches, so you can plan a walk or drive around your neighbourhood to see and share in the celebration.

Friday, June 18 to Monday, June 28 royal city residents will have the week to display their talents and passions on their front yards, porches, balconies, decks that face the street.

Winners will be announced on July 1st, you can win one of three titles, People’s Choice (online voting), President’s Choice, or Team Tiara Award!

What is it?
How to take part

Step 1: Register your display!

  • Registration is FREE!
  • You will be added to our Porch Parade Map.
  • As a special thank you, the first 100 Porches in the New Westminster area that register will receive a FREE Hyack Festival Porch Parade lawn sign that will magically appear in your lawn, no need to touch it or interact with anyone.
  • The more registered Porches in your neighbourhood, the better your chances are for prizes and awards , so get your neighbours involved too!

Step 2: Decorate Your Porch

  • Choose one of our themes as inspiration, or go wild with your own ideas. The point of decorating is to unleash your creativity and inspire hope for your friends and neighbours.
  • Porches must be fully decorated by 12 noon on Saturday, June 18, and able to stay up until midnight Saturday, June 26.
  • Porches must be appropriate for a family friendly audience.
  • Don’t have a porch? No problem! Feel free to decorate your lawn, the sidewalk, a window, or something else visible from the street or sidewalk.

Step 3: Explore, Celebrate, Share

  • Check the porch parade map often to see how the celebration is growing!
  • Go for a walk around your neighbourhood, take pictures of the Porches you find, and tag us on social to help share the joy! @Hyackfestival.
  • The more people who take part, the more celebration there is to share, so get your friends and neighbours involved!
How to Take Part
Parade Map
There are not yet any registered participants.
Parade Map
Rules & Regulations
  • Displays must be fully decorated by 12 noon on Saturday, June 18, and able to stay up until Midnight Saturday, June 26, and must be appropriate for a family audience.
  • Displays should not focus on religious, political, ideological, or controversial themes or issues. Use of any political sign, social or political material is not permitted.
  • Displays are not a place for commercial marketing. Businesses are welcomed and encouraged to participate with a focus on the mission of bringing community together while staying home.
  • Hyack Festival reserves the right to exclude any displays that do not meet our guidelines or that feature content not aligned with our mission.
  • Registrations are limited to one per household, per location.
  • Registration for the Porch Parade and/or tagging @Hyackfestival with related photos or videos on social media, grants the Hyack Festival Festival permission to use your images and footage on any platform.
Rules & Regulations